Business Career Descriptions

Career Paths in Business

business career descriptionsWith the many specializations you can pursue in a business school, there are several different career paths you can take with a business degree. These can range from highly specific roles in finance or marketing, to big-picture roles in general management. Here are some of the major avenues pursued by business degree holders:

Management/Administration: Managers look at the big picture, directing anything from production and shipping to business projects and people. Managers can oversee individual elements of a business, such as the finance department or human resources, be in charge of individual teams and projects, or take on larger amounts of responsibility as an executive or CEO.

Marketing: Advertising is a central pillar in business, and marketing professionals are constantly looking for creative new ways to build the brand. As a marketing MBA holder, you will work with other members of a company’s marketing team to create, distribute and analyze advertising and marketing efforts. A degree of creativity and out-of-the-box thinking will serve people in this role.

Finance: These professionals oversee a company’s expenses, tracking expendatures and managing the company’s spending reports. Higher-level executives in this role control the budget, giving the green light for new developments. The highest-level officers, such as the CFO, report directly to the CEO.

Risk Management: This applies to many areas of business, as risk management specialists analyze and avoid the risk in various company undertakings. These MBA holders analyze the marketplace when the company is considering creating a new product, calculating the effects the company’s undertakings will have.

Entrepreneurship: Many MBA holders choose to strike out on their own, gather a team of associates and start a business. These MBA holders get a broad education in many aspects of business, controlling each area on a smaller scale — or on a large scale, if they’re successful.